Monday, February 09, 2009

Top 10 Things For Republicans to Love about Being in the Minority

10. No more defending George W. Bush! Wait, we stopped doing that two years ago.
9. We can finally dish all the dirt on Obama that McCain refused to.
8. Limited-government conservatism is cool again.
7. To paraphrase Uncle Ben from Spiderman: With great powerlessness, comes great pool parties.
6. Bureaucrat Barbie was right: governing is HARD!
5. Watching liberals realize that Obama will sell them out just like Bill Clinton.
4. We control the British crown. We keep the metric system down. We do! We do!
3. More time to cling to our guns and religion...before they’re banned.
2. With all the $@^! our party’s been through, there’s gotta be a pony in there somewhere.
1. We’re just one more electoral loss away from a huge bailout!


Leo Pusateri said...

Good ones :-)

And the best of all-- Dems actually have to produce results this time around. They don't have repubs to kick around anymore ;-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

-Llegar Tarde