Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reflections on the Tea Party

The rally was a great sight to behold, with many more people there than anyone anticipated. Kudos to Bill Hennessy and Dana Loesch for being the organizers and inspirational fuel behind the St. Louis Tea Party.

I was very honored to have the opportunity to speak at the rally, and ended up getting much more fired up than I expected. The crowd, like the whole Tea Party movement, was passionate, spontaneous and ready to take action. I look forward to helping keep the momentum going and holding our elected officials accountable for their misdeeds.

What I planned to say (I got the three basic ideas in but not many of the specifics--I had to make it quick and energetic!)

1. My parents and grandparents, like all Americans, struggled to leave a better world to their children
  • My grandparents were sharecroppers in the Missouri Bootheel and for the most part didn't control their own destiny in life
  • My parents were able to move to a great city like St. Louis and go to college, which was more than their parents were able to do; they sacrificed a lot for their kids, sending us to private school when they couldn't really afford it
2. We need to make the world a better place for our children than it is now; making them more dependent on government won't do that
  • Obama's campaign slogan was "Yes, we can!" but the premise behind big government is, "No, you can't!" It robs people of their independence
  • Not many people want to be working when they're 80 or 90 but that's what the debt we're putting on our children and grandchildren will require them to do
3. We are here to fight for a freer society; those who voted against freedom in the form of Porkulus need to be held accountable!
  • Washington politicians like Claire McCaskill love to bash Wall Street and say they need to live within their means, but what about THEM?
  • Obama was supposed to be all about reducing the power of lobbyists, but what do you think happens to the number of lobbyists when gov't is picking winners and losers in the economy? They scurry to DC like rats!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Dogan! I was at the rally yesterday and loved your speech. I didn't know who you were yesterday, but made a point of finding out. Also, thank you for posting the video so that those who couldn't make it to the rally can see and hear some of it. This is a big deal and people need to start speaking out.

Tom said...

nice speech Shamed.

Joan C. Dickerson said...

Thank you for an inspiring speech. Remembering where we come from is critical to defining our path forward.

God Bless and God Speed as you raise your voice in common sense and purpose.

doctorwifemom said...

So, Shamed, when can we see you running for office again?! You have my vote.

Doctor Bulldog said...


Enjoyed meeting you at the Arch. You were truly inspirational.

Will you also be attending the April 15th Tea Party?


Anonymous said...

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