Thursday, February 19, 2009

GOP Must Diversify or Die--My First STL American Column

I'm no Eric Holder, but I think that Republicans avoid discussions of why they are perceived as racist at their own peril. In my St. Louis American column (adapted from last week's video commentary) I argue that the GOP needs to involve more minorities in the party both out of practical necessity and moral right. Check it out.

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Arlo said...


I believe you are right on point with your position here with regards to the GOP. There are some challenging conversations that need to to take place in minority communities where people are living as conservatives and voting as liberals to their own demise. The African-American community is supporting a system of government that has destroyed it's schools, it's economic base, it system of morality and in my opinion a full two generations of people if not more. As a country we can only go as far as the least of us. We need the contributions of all of our citizens to conitiue to provide the true freedoms that all others rest on. Continue your work in this area as I believe that once the racial devide is eliminated from the parties the GOP becomes a better more powerful party, with a broader scope of influence to create more impactful solutions. Today we are just playing defense.


Arlo Henderson