Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The GOP & minority voters: Ix-nay on the acism-ray

Check out my new video commentary series "Right Said Shamed". The first issue I tackle is how the GOP can woo minority voters. One suggestion: make like Mark McGwire and stop talking about the past.


Brian T. Johnson said...

Sensible propositions, I definitely agree about needing to talk more about some of the issues you mentioned (school choice, stronger marriages, personal independence).

Congrats on entering the new site, Shamed! I look forward to checking in often.

Shamed Dogan said...

Thanks, Brian! I hope to get a message out and to have fun doing it.

Marjy said...

Does it make sense to you that Liberals address the voters of darker hues as having come from "strong" cultures, but then tell them that they need government to make it in America?

What about property rights? Eminent domain? When you were campaigning, you talked a lot about those topics. Can you talk more about that in terms of multi-generational wealth?

C'mon, get back on your YouTube soap box, Shamed!